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Jersey Airport Residents



G-AORG      DH114 HERON         14101                                          at CVT ex overhaul due sometime 2009
G-ASYJ        BEECH D95A             TD-595
G-AVLJ         PA28-140                     28-23393
G-AVUZ       PA32-300                     32-40302
G-AWBN      PA30-160B                  30-1472
G-AWPW     PA12                             12-3947
G-AYPU       PA28R-200                  28R-7135005
G-AZRH       PA28-140D (Mod)     28-7125585
G-BAGG       PA32-300                     32-7340186
G-BCBZ        CESSNA 337C           337-0942                                              at Staverton on Maint
G-BFUB       PA32R-300                  32R-7885052
G-BHTA       PA28-236                     28-8011102
G-BOET       PA28R-201                  28R-8018020
G-BOXA       PA28-161                     2816075
G-BOXC       PA28-161                     2816063
G-BPDT       PA28-161                     28-8416004
G-BTYC       CESSNA 150L           150-75767
G-BYTB       SOCATA TB20          2002
G-CJDB        CESSNA 525-CJ1+  525-0648                                             
G-FORR       PA28-181                     2843336                                               
G-GSYJ        DIAMOND DA42       42.135                                                   Often leased to CTC at Hurn
G-HAFG       CESSNA 340A           340A-1806                                           Currently at CFD due back April 09
G-HOTB       EC155B                        6789                                                       Based as of 7/2 at AVB
G-HROI        ROCKWELL 112A     326
G-IYCO         ROBIN DR500-200i  0031
G-JACA        PA28-161                     2842132
G-JACB        PA28-181                     2843278
G-JACH        PA28-181                     2843585                                                Arrived 9/3 based at club
G-JCAS        PA28-181                     28-8690036         
G-JJEN        PA28-181                     2890091
G-JODI         AGUSTA A109A       7265                                                       up for Sale in UK CofA Exp 26/11/08
G-KEEF        COMMANDER114B 14610   
G-MILO         CESSNA T303           T303-021
G-NESW      PA34-220T                  34-8233072
G-NMRM     CESSNA 525A+        525A-0408
G-NSJS        CESSNA 680              680-0161                                             
G-OAPE       CESSNA T303           303-00245
G-OCTI         PA32-260                     32-288                                                   Arrived from Dinard 9/3 based at club
G-OFCM       CESSNA F172L         F172-0839                                           
G-OSCC       PA32-300                     32-7540020
G-OTBY       PA32-300                     32-7940219
G-PFCI          PA34-220 SENECA 3417014                                                Sold and departed 23/2 to Spain
G-SMKM      CIRRUS SR20           1662                                                       to M-SMKM 3/3
G-SVSB       CESSNA 680              680-0094
G-TABY       CIRRUS SR20           2000
G-TCOM      PA30-160C                  30-1967                                 Reg removed 25/2 to N780AC 2/3
G-WAIN        CESSNA 550              550-1100
G-WARR     PA28-161                     28-7916321
G-WINS        PA32-300                     32-7640065
G-XBEL        CESSNA 560XLS      560-5698                                             
M-PSAC       CESSNA 525A           525A-0389                                           Sold departed 13/3 to Germany                 
M-SMKM      CIRRUS SR20           1662                                                       ex G-SMKM
N9AY            CESSNA 421C           421C-0844
N20AG          SOCATA TB20          2003
N35AD          PA30-160B                  30-1121                                 Sold will go to Germany soon
N35AL           DIAMOND DA.42      42.146
N37US          PA34-200 SENECA  34-8070111
N48NS          CESSNA 550              550-0939
N55BN          BEECH B55                TC-1572                                               Replaces N35AD arrived 14/3
N90DJ          REIMS F182Q            0091                                                      
N297GT       SOCATA TB20          2197
N308CJ        CESSNA 208B           208B-1116                                          
N359DW      PA30-160                     30-770
N369AL        CIRRUS SR-20          1552                                                      
N369AN       CESSNA 182S           182-80696
N376SR       CIRRUS SR22           2736                                                      
N414FZ        CESSNA 414RAM    414-0175
N499MS       PA28-181                     2843166
N527EW      CESSNA 500              500-0322
N577PA        CESSNA 425              425-0194                                             
N601AR       PA60-601P                  61P0256-7963247
N747YK        CESSNA 310R          310R-0138                                          
N780AC        PA30-160C                  30-1967                                 ex G-TCOM First noted 2/3
N789MC       CESSNA 310Q          310Q-0914                                          
N850KF        CESSNA 310Q          310Q-0041
N973BB        MITSUBISHI MU2    1509SA                                                
N988SR       CIRRUS SR22           2038                                                       Up for sale due to death of owner. Flew again
                                                                                                                                 25/2/09 may remain based with new owner.
N1262K         CESSNA 425              425-0234                                             
N2923N        PA32-300                     32-7940207                                         
N3586D        PA31-325                     31-8012065
N9680Q        CESSNA 172M          172-65764                                           
N37379         CESSNA 421C           421C-0654                                          
VP-BMP       AMD FALCON 50EX 345
Temp Based or locally owned
G-CVLH        PA34-200                     34-8070332                                          Owned locally based St Brieuc France
                                                                                                                                CofA Exp 12/9/05 in poor condition
G-JCAR        PA46-350                     4636223                                                Locally owned but not based
G-KVIP          Beech 200                   BB-487                                                  Rotate with G-VIPP/V/Y & G-WVIP
G-TBGT       SOCATA TB20GT    2027                                                       locally owned but not based
G-VIPP         PA31-350                     31-7952244                                          Rotate with G-KVIP/G-VIPU/G-VIPV/G-VIPY/
G-VIPU         PA31-350                     31-8152115                                          Rotates with G-KVIP/G-VIPP/G-VIPV/G-VIPX/
G-VIPV         PA31-350                     31-7952092                                          Rotates with G-KVIP/G-VIPP/G-VIPU/G-VIPX/                                                                                                                                                       GVIPY/G-WVIP
G-VIPW        PA31-350                     31-7952129                                                          Rotates with G-KVIP/G-VIPP/G-VIPU/G-VIPV
G-VIPX          PA31-350                     31-7305006                                          Rotates with G-KVIP/G-VIPP/G-VIPU/G-VIPV
G-VIPY         PA31-350                     31-7882143                                          Rotates with G-KVIP/G-VIPP/G-VIPU/G-VIPV/
G-WVIP        Beech 200                   BB-425                                                  Rotate with G-KVIP G-VIPP/U/V/X/Y/G-WVIP
M-HOIL         LEARJET 60              60-313                                                   ex G-HOIL re registered 9/1/09
                                                                                                                                locally owned based Farnborough
N14113         N.A.T28 Trojan          174-398                                 Part owner lives in Jersey but
                                                                                                                                Usually based at Duxford
Fire dump/Crash rescue
XP573/8236M Jet Provost              10/25                                                     Dry rescue
                                                                                                                                Moves about airfield so current 
                                                                                                                           Location changes regularly 
Night Stoppers/Based Airliners
Fly Be
Embraer 195 on Gatwick service
DHC8-400 on Southampton service
British Airways
Airbus A319 Boeing 737-300/400/500 on Gatwick service
Trislander on inter islands
Bae ATP on Coventry/Luton freight service (Day-Stop) Mon-Fri
           (G-BTPA/G-BTPE/G-BTPF/G-BTPH/G-BTTO/G-BUUP/G-BUUR/G-MANH have been used)
L188 currently on Mail/Newspaper flights (Day-Stops)
         (G-LOFB/G-LOFC/G-LOFE/G-FIJR/G-FIZU used in 2008)
Blue Bird Cargo
Boeing 737-300/400 day stops Mon-Fri
Blue Islands
G-BEDP       BN2A-3 Trislander   1039                                                       only visits (Based ALD/GSY)
G-LCOC        BN3A-3 Trislander   366                                                         only visits (Based ALD/GSY)
G-XAXA        BN2A-26 Islander     530                                                         only visits (Based ALD)
G-ISLB          Bae Jetstream 32     871         ex N971JX                           Usually 2 based
G-ISLC          Bae Jetstream 32     873         ex N973JX                           Usually 2 based
G-ISLD          Bae Jetstream 32     915         ex N915AE                          Usually 2 based
LN-FAN        Bae Jetstream 32     864                                                         Arrived 5/1/09 on Lease
G-BYHG      Dornier 328                  3098                                                       only visits Sun-Fri (Based GCI)


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