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Guernsey Airport Movements - February 2015


Sunday 1st February 2015


CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR210/217/264)

G-JTHU Agusta AW109SP Grand New

G-TWOP C525A CitationJet CJ2 (CLF24/24 - 02/02/14)


Monday 2nd February 2015


CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR223/232/239)

G-FIND C406 Caravan II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-GBAO Robin R1180TD Aiglon

G-TWOP C525A CitationJet CJ2 (CLF24/24 - 03/02/15)

N75EA Eclipse Aviation EA500

N212MZ Mooney M.20F - Oubound

N843TE Eclipse Aviation EA500

OK-TWI Cirrus Design SR22


Tuesday 3rd February 2015


CS-DRU Hawker 800XPi (NJE9BU/9BU - 04/02/15)

CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR206/203)

G-BODY C310 II (REV72A) - Go-Around

G-KLNW C510 Citation Mustang (SXN51D/51D)

G-VIPU PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (EGL63W/63X)

N844MS Cirrus Design SR22T


Wednesday 4th February 2015


CS-DUD Hawker 750 (NJE1QK/563N - 05/02/15)

CS-DXS C560XL Citation XLS (NJE6WC/415E - 05/02/15)

CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR100P)

G-BHTA PA-28-236 Dakota

G-BODY C310R II (REV74A/74B/72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-ISAR C421C Golden Eagle

G-NOOR Commander 114B

G-TWOP C525A CitationJet CJ2 (CLF24/24 - 07/02/15)

G-VTAL Be.V35 Bonanza

M-WOOD C550 Citation Bravo

ZZ502 Hawker Beechcraft Avenger T1 (NVY806) - Go-Around


Thursday 5th February 2015


CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR223/264)

G-OPJD PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV

G-SOUL C310R II (REV72A/72B72C/72D)

N75EA Eclipse Aviation EA500

N83MW Cirrus Design SR22T

N280GD Gulfstream G280


Friday 6th February 2015


CS-TGG Dornier 228-202 (AUR223/126/127)

D-IAAY(2) Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (AZE58P/58P - 09/02/15)

G-EGLT C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-EMCA Commander 114B

G-ISLF ATR-42-500 - Op. inter island flights

N199MW PA-32-300 Cherokee Six

OE-FZC C510 Citation Mustang (GAC979E/205N)

OM-MCA C414 (ALN210/211 - 07/02/15)


Saturday 7th February 2015


D-EUCE(2) C172RG Cutlass RG

F-GXYP Cirrus Design SR20

G-ISAR C421C Golden Eagle

G-ISLF ATR-42-500 - Op. inter island flights

G-TWOP C525A CitationJet CJ2 (CLF24/24 - 09/02/15)

N266EA Be.58 Baron

N350PB PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain - Outbound

N542AP Dassault Falcon 2000EASy 


Sunday 8th February 2015


G-COTH MD Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (PLC22)

G-JANN PA-34-220T Seneca III

G-KEEF Commander 114B

N65MJ Be.58P Baron

N542AP Dassault Falcon 2000EASy

OE-FZC C510 Citation Mustang (GAC376H/677X)


Monday 9th February 2015


G-BODY C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-COTH MD Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (PLC22)

G-GMED PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA (MCD054/054)

G-LTFB PA-28-140 Cherokee

N199MW PA-32-300 Cherokee Six

N414FZ C414RAM

OO-VLS Fokker 50 (AUR658)

OO-VLZ Fokker 50 (AUR659)


Tuesday 10th February 2015


CS-DRN Hawker 850XPi (NJE343T/3HE)

G-BODY C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-FWPW PA-28-236 Dakota

G-LTFB PA-28-140 Cherokee

N199MW PA-32-300 Cherokee Six

N9680Q C172M


Wednesday 11th February 2015


G-AYPU PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow B

G-BODY C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)

G-GOAC PA-34-200T Seneca II

G-LTFB PA-28-140 Cherokee

G-TWOP C525A CitationJet CJ2 (CLF406)

G-VIPU PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (EGL69N/69R)

N915C PA-46R-350T Malibu

Thursday 12th February 2015
2-HIGH(2) Cirrus Design SR22T
G-AWPW PA-12 Super Cruiser
G-BODY C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)
G-COTH MD Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (PLC22)
G-JOTA Be.B90 King Air (ENZ912E/913P 13/02/15)
G-LTFB PA-28-140 Cherokee
N280GD Gulfstream G280
N352RC Cirrus Design SR22
Friday 13th February 2015
9H-VLZ C560 Citation Ultra (NUB51LZ71LZ - 15/02/15)
G-BODY C310R II (REV72A/72B/72C/72D)
G-COTH MD Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (PLC22)
G-VINM EC-225 Super Puma
G-VIPU PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (EGL62W)
PH-BYD Be.58 Baron (KLM7934)
Further updates to follow shortly


Construction Numbers:


2-HIGH(2): 0797

9H-VLZ: 560-0446

CS-DRN: 258772

CS-DRU: 258821


CS-DXS: 560-5754

D-EUCE(2): 172RG0475

D-IAAY(2): 50000243

F-GXYP: 1489

G-VINM: 2942

M-WOOD: 550-1042

N65MJ: TJ-487

N75EA: 000116

N83MW: 0797

N199MW: 32-7940219

N212MZ: 22-1332

N266EA: TH-2031

N280GD: 2001

N350PB: 31-8252028

N352RC: 0186

N414FZ: 414-0175

N542AP: 89

N843TE: 000072

N844MS: 0630

N915C: 4692182

N9680Q: 17265764

OE-FZC: 510-0196

OK-TWI: 1462

OM-MCA: 414-0064

PH-BYD: TH-1836





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